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To render efficient and effective administrative support to the various programmes of the Ministry by providing good leadership and direction.


An efficient Administrative Department providing sound personnel services to the various programmes and to ensure the effective management and control of the Ministry’s financial, human and material resources.


The Administrative Division endeavors to maintain: objectivity, responsiveness, accountability, fairness and promote good interpersonal relations.


To provide leadership and direction for the Ministry and to foster working relations among staff. To provide timely professional advice to the political directorate.


The services provided are based on the functional units of this department.


  General Administration

The main objective of this unit is to provide efficient and effective administrative support for the programmes of the Ministry.

Key functions are to:

  • Ensure that all incoming mail and Cabinet Conclusions are brought to the attention of the Permanent Secretary on a daily basis.
  • Assist the Permanent Secretary in the implementation of all Cabinet directives and policy decisions.
  • Ensure timely routing of all correspondence to addresses.
  • Collaborate with all other Departments and Ministries on administrative matters.
  • Provide Office Attendant/Chauffeur, photocopying and delivery service to all Divisions.
  • Hold management team meetings.
  • Ensure that the physical plant, equipment and sundry related items are in good condition (including vehicles)
  • Facilitate the timely sale of vehicles no longer required for use by Government Ministries.
  • Give support to departments and other Ministries in the procurement of computing services.


The main objective of this unit is to maximize benefits to the Ministry from Performance Management and Human Resource Development.

Key functions are to:

  • Ensure the personnel function is properly supervised.
  • Process appointments, promotions and applications for transfers, leaves and the like.
  • Match staff with budgeted post and salary scale.
  • Liase with the Public Service Commission, the department of Human Resources and other Divisons on personnel matters.
  • Co-ordinate the Performance Appraisal process.
  • To coordinate training for employees in collaboration with the Department of Human Resources and advise heads of   divisions on available training courses.


Records Management (registry)

The main objective of this unit is to provide services for the receipt, record, distribution and storage of written communications coming and leaving the Ministry. 

Key functions are to:

  • Open and accurately record all incoming correspondence as well as outgoing mail.
  • Pass incoming mail to the Permanent Secretary and other designated Officers.
  • Accurately classify and docket correspondence.
  • Ensure timely routing of all correspondences to respective officers daily.


Finance Management (finance unit)

The main objective of this unit is to provide accounting services for expenditure allocated to the Ministry.

Key functions are to:

  • Control and monitor the administration of the Ministry’s budget to ensure compliance with the Finance and Audit Act, the Appropriation Act and the Financial and Stores Rules.
  • Ensure timely preparation and processing of invoices.
  • Maintain internal accounts both recurrent and capital.
  • Prepare imprest warrants, special warrants and transfers.
  • Procurement and distribution of stores and supplies to maintain adequate stock levels.
returning nationals bureau 

This unit is a ‘one-stop’ facilitation bureau of the Returning Nationals Programme for Grenadian Nationals who are returning from living abroad (for at least 7 consecutive years) to permanently reside in Grenada (Returning National). The Returning Nationals or “Welcome Home” Programme, as it is officially called, is an incentive package for Returning Nationals.

The programme offers:

  • One Stop” facilitation bureau for processing applications.
  • EC$75,000 exemption on all household and personal effects, whether new or used.
  • 500 percent exemption on one (1) personal vehicle used locally.
  • Tax incentives for setting up businesses.
  • Coordinate all public awareness and educational activities of the Ministry.
  • Prepare and circulate press releases and other information for the media.
  • Distribute all relevant information for public knowledge.
  • Organise and coordinate conferences and consultations of the Ministry.
  • Management of the Ministry’s Website

NB: Customs service charge of 5% is applicable on all imports under this new programme!

   waste reduction unit

This Unit is responsible for implementing and monitoring Government’s waste reduction initiative which mandates a reduction of 20% in non-personnel expenses, on a yearly basis.

   procurement unit

This Unit is responsible for the management of Government’s procurement of services and supplies.

  corporate communications  - (TELEPHONE # 435-0057)

The key functions of this unit are to:

The Unit is headed by Mrs. Petra Charles- Joseph, Corporate Communications and Research Officer.



The offices of the Minister for Finance, the Permanent Secretary, the Deputy Permanent Secretary, and Corporate Communications are located on the Second (2nd) floor of building #3 at the Financial Complex, the Carenage, St. George’s. The rest of the Administrative Department is located on the second (2nd) floor in building # 4 at the Financial Complex, the Carenage, St. George’s.


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Address:         Financial Complex

                       The Carenage

                        St. George’s

                        GRENADA, W.I


 Telephone:     (473) 440-2731 – (4)

 Facsimile:       (473) 440-4115

 Telex:              (473)3418

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