Grant payroll support of 40% of employee’s basic salary to the

following sectors:


• Hotels (including guesthouses, villas)

• Restaurants/ bars (excluding cafes,

   fast-food outlets, cafeterias)

• Small travel agencies

• Dive operators

• Tour operators

• Aviation

• Marine & Yachting

• Agro processors and light manufacturing

• Creative & Cultural industries

• Promoters/Caterers

• Ancillary businesses linked to any of the

   above business types (e.g., retail clothing)





Criteria- Payroll Support

Must be registered with the Inland Revenue Division and the National Insurance Scheme.


• Funding should not be used for salary payment to owners, directors, management, and employees earning more than $5000.00 per month.


• Existing businesses must hire in new employees at least ten percent of their existing staff compliment after July 1st, 2021. Where the ten percent does not equate to a whole number, the number of new hires required to qualify would be rounded to the nearest whole number.


• New entities must hire at least five (5) new employees.


• Registered with the GTA (where Applicable)