NO. 001/2020                                                          Date: January 15, 2020




(JANUARY 16 and 17)


Government of Grenada, January 15, 2020: The Government is taking steps to identify administrative and operational challenges that hinder the effective, efficient and timely implementation of Capital Projects.


In this regard, a two-day symposium will bring together Permanent Secretaries, Project and Planning Officers of ministries and departments who are directly involved in the implementation of Government’s capital projects, as well as, Management and staff of State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s). The main aim of this exercise is to come up with a comprehensive, result-oriented plan of action to address implementation challenges going forward.


Attendees will conduct a review of the present implementation process and examine its operations in light of the existing regulations and individual execution at the ministry and department levels and come up with specific time-bound remedial actions.


The two-day exercise, which will be held at the Grenada Trade Center Annex on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 January 2020, is being facilitated jointly by the Division of Economic and Technical Corporation and Price Waterhouse Coopers and is co-funded by the European Development Fund (EDF) and the Ministry of Finance.


Addressing implementation problems is a crucial priority of the Government. The Government believes that this symposium will drive home the importance of getting capital projects done within budget and on a timely basis to promote job creation and Grenada’s overall growth and sustainable development.