NO. 172/2019                                                                 Date: December 18, 2019




Prime Minister, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell told the Management of the Ministry of Finance that striving for a better Ministry is a continuous process.


As part of his end of year review of the Ministry’s performance in 2019, the Minister charged his top Ministry staff to never be comfortable with a good performance but to consistently examine the weaknesses and find innovative ways to better manage the affairs of the Ministry, and the country as a whole.


He commended the successes of the team and encouraged them to consistently strive to achieve more.


Dr. Mitchell indicated that there is a need to examine whether operations are still relevant to the present era and recommend and endorse the necessary changes to advance the way we do business.


He challenged the team to an action-oriented approach as the driving force in this dispensation, siteing improved communication among staff as an important tool in this regard.


It was agreed that since the work of the Ministry of Finance impacts the entire country, it cannot afford to be complacent. He suggested that as a team the Ministry adopts best practices from other areas to inject new life into areas of weaknesses.


Among the recommendations from staff are the need to improve the implementation of projects, personnel development and a collaborative effort in improving revenue collection going forward.


The meeting ended with an exchange of gratitude, commendation and best wishes for the New Year and beyond.