NO. 160/2019                                                              DATE: July 16, 2019





The BNTF helping more communities build more assets and become more resilient


Head of Rural Development, Byron Campbell, on Tuesday 09th July 2019 officiated a sod-turning ceremony at the River Sallee Pre-school grounds. The ceremony heralds the start of construction works in the BNTF Cycle 9 portfolio of Education and Human Resource Development sub-projects.


Planned outcomes include expansion of the River Sallee Pre-school to double current enrolment, which is approximately 25 students; and in addition to providing the required space for implementation of the Ministry of Education’s, High Scope Curriculum. Ms. Leolyn. Christopher, District Education Officer, stated “The High Scope Programme which is the curriculum used by our preschools requires ample room for learning through play, experiment, and free choice activities. When the necessary facilities are available, our dedicated preschool teachers can do wonderful things with the little ones to provide them with that solid and well-rounded foundation to propel them into primary, secondary and eventually, tertiary education.”


At present, the River Sallee school environment is not conducive for the successful delivery of the High Scope Curriculum, which seeks to monitor pupils physical, social and intellectual growth and development in 58 Key Development Indicators (KDI). Hence, the River Sallee Pre-school Expansion Project includes the rehabilitation of the existing structure and the construction of three (3) additional classrooms, sanitary facilities, sickbay, kitchen and lunchroom, outdoor play equipment, indoor play areas, and a storeroom. 

Parliamentary Representative for the community Hon. Pamela Moses stated that “Throughout the period of infrastructural works, it is my hope that community members will be considered for short term  employment, thus reducing in a small way, the level  of poverty that exists in our communities.”


About the BNTF


The Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) is a cyclical Programme which was launched in 1979 and is the principal vehicle within the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for targeting poverty reduction initiatives. The overall outcome of BNTF 9 is improved access to quality education, water and sanitation, basic community access and drainage, livelihoods enhancement and human resource development services in low-income and vulnerable communities.