NO. 147 /2019                                                                                             DATE: May 15, 2019





St. George’s, Grenada, 15th May 2019: The Inland Revenue Division (IRD) met recently with a delegation from the newly formed Grenada Promoters Association. Coming out of the session, the association will submit their concerns in writing to the (IRD) to have them officially documented and addressed.  Comptroller, Mr. Michael Stephen stressed that this is important to ensure both parties can foster a "relationship of mutual trust."


The main areas discussed were:-

·       The establishment of the Grenada Promoters Association

·       The role of the Grenada Promoters Association

·       IRD Officers functions at events and

·       The entertainment industry and tax obligations


Mr. Stephen commended the Interim Team on their initiative to form an association to advocate the interest of promoters. He emphasized the important contribution that Promoters continue to make to the economic growth and development of the country and reiterated that it is not the intention of the IRD to negatively impact profits or hinder the growth of the industry, but rather to ensure they consistently meet their tax obligations to the State.

Members of the Interim Team expressed appreciation for the engagement and anticipate favorable results going forward.

The members of the Interim Team were: Mr. Andre Gittens, Mr. Dylan Charles, Mr. Montee Greenidge, and Ms. Areen Lewis.

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