DATE: February 25, 2014   NO. 12/2014





Tuesday, February 25, 2014: The Customs and Excise Division, of the Ministry of Finance and Energy, congratulated members of staff for their outstanding performances, which contributed in a significant way towards the overall achievements of the Division for 2013. This was done at a the Division’s annual Award and Recognition Ceremony held on Saturday, February 1, 2014, at the Martin’s Marina.

The Division believes that employees need to be recognized as the most important asset of an organization and that this must be demonstrated through rewards and recognition. This is one of the best ways to encourage and motivate persons to work at their best.   These were the sentiments shared by Customs Management at the ceremony.

The following is the list of awardees and the categories in which they demonstrated a high level of commitment and efforts towards their jobs that was worthy of recognition.

Outstanding officer by section


Cargo Control Unit                                                              Mrs. Jennielle Allert (Outdoors)  Mr. Akido Bain (Break-bulk)


MBIA                                                                                     Ms. Evelyn Barry


Post Clearance Unit                                                            Mr. Sharmoy Wellington


Grenville Port                                                                       Ms. Donnisha Harriman


Carriacou Port                                                                      Ms. Judine Thompson


Enforcement Unit                                                                 Mr. Algernon Belfon


MIS Unit                                                                                Ms. Ezra Gilbert


Accounts                                                                                Ms. Julia Charles


Supervisor of the year                                                         Mr. Raphael Hamilton


Guard of the year                                                                 Mr. Tariq Hagee


General Categories


Deportment                                                                           Ms. Jennielle Allert


Leadership qualities                                                           Mr. Harry Mark


Teamwork                                                                             Ms. Kim DeBellotte


Punctuality/attendance                                                      Mr. Kwesi Francis


Dependability/reliability                                                  Mr. Elvin Niles


Courtesy/Respectable                                                        Ms. Alison Felix


Flexibility                                                                              Mr. Emron Lessey


Special Awards


Grenada Customs/National Ozone Unit Award           Cargo Control Unit


Dedicated Service to the Organization Award               Fitzra Sylvester-Charles


The Comptroller’s Cup                                                       Accounts Section


Educational Achievements


Ms. Karen Forsyth                                                               BSc Management Studies, 1st Class Honors, (UWI)


Mr. Clayton Bowen                                                              BSc Management Studies, (SGU)


Ms. Alison Carvel Lett                                                       Masters in Business Administration, International Business (SGU)


Ms. Ezra Gilbert                                                                   Diploma in Database Technologies (ICT Center for Excellence)


Mr. Raphael Hamilton                                                        Diploma in Database Technologies (ICT Center for Excellence)


The Division extends sincere thanks to the entities that supported its efforts to award outstanding staff members. The Division pledges its commitment to maintaining its Award and Recognition Programme with a view to enhancing morale and productivity.

The Customs and Excise Division of Grenada joined the rest of the world in recognizing the role of Customs in the development of nations by hosting several activities to commemorate International Customs Day 2014, under the theme “Communication: sharing information for better cooperation.”

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